Lot-et-Garonne, a well-kept secret.


France remains a very popular holiday destination with nearly 83 million foreign visitors. Of course, some destinations are more popular than others: Paris, the Côte d'Azur, Provence, The Alps ... But sometimes it is good to think outside the box in order to discover with the heart what others do. 'could see with their own eyes. Today we are taking you to discover Lot-et-Garonne

Bastides, Castles and hilltop villages

Lot-et-Garonne is not a backdrop ... it nevertheless has all the allure of it as it is so rich in exceptional sites. From the clashes of history, it retains admirable vestiges. Many have also been distinguished by prestigious labels

The region is full of bastides, medieval towns typical of the 13th century. It is surprising to see how well they have been preserved, despite the Hundred Years War which raged between the English and the French. Perched on a hill, Montflanquin, the terrestrial Mont-Saint-Michel, invites you to browse its alleys over which time has no hold.

Overlooking the magnificent valleys of Lot and Mass, the former feudal village of Pujols and the ruins of its ramparts proudly dominate the region.

A flagship of Aquitaine's cultural heritage, Bonaguil is the last of the great fortified castles built in France. Certain rooms of the castle as well as the courtyards regularly house exhibitions of works of art, thus perfectly combining history and modernity.

Wine and Gastronomy

Discovering the gastronomic heritage and wines of Lot-et-Garonne is a step not to be missed during your stay in the South-West. Lot et Garonne is famous for its famous Agen prunes. Did you know that it is also the leading French producer of hazelnuts and strawberries and the leading department of organic farming?

The Southwest is the number one fat producing region in the world! Meet local breeders and visit the goose and duck farms (or even better, the Foie Gras Museum!). Treat your taste buds with original regional duck recipes in all their forms. We fell in love with pulled duck with Espelette pepper ...

Vignobles Laur promises you a wonderful discovery of their wines, especially their sparkling rosé (traditional method) 100% Malbec. We are looking forward to the opening of 3 lodges with private jacuzzi and view over the valley / vineyards by next summer!

Where to sleep?

Le Stelsia

If you only have to remember one address, this is it! A former 18th century castle converted into a colorful hotel, the place is perfectly in line with its slogan: "The pleasure of giving pleasure". Whether at the Bistrot or at the gourmet restaurant Le Jasmin (1 * Michelin), the chef is keen to share his passion and the products of the region. The wine cellar is simply dazzling. Combined with excellent service, we have found our little piece of paradise.