Guadeloupe for beginners


In the heart of the Caribbean, you find an island in the shape of a butterfly. It is Guadeloupe. The two butterfly-shaped wings of the island are separated by the Salty River. Apart from the two main islands, you will find countless small islands. Take the time to explore them, especially on the nature side. Travel with us and discover Guadeloupe ...

Unique flora and fauna, white sand beaches, magnificent nature reserves, spectacular cliffs, mangroves, tropical waterfalls and much more. On an area of ​​only 1600 km2 you will find a magnificent nature that will take your breath away! The beauty of the islands lies in more than the natural splendor. The wide smile of the locals, the colorful culture and the times you get to know the locals around juicy deliciously smelling treats, with dancing, songs and music, are worth gold.

What to see?

La Basse-Terre

Basse-Terre is one of the two butterfly-shaped wings of the "main island". It is a green and mountainous island, full of lush vegetation and numerous natural freshwater pools. The island is bordered by various beaches of white, gold, gray or black sand and the coast around the island is a dream destination for divers. For sports enthusiasts, a climb of the active volcano La Soufrière is a must. You pass through majestic forests, along craters, to finish at the top where a breathtaking view of the island located at about 900 meters above sea level will surprise you. Really fantastic!

La Grande-Terre

Grande Terre is the right wing of the "main island". It is a popular destination for travelers who like to relax on the beach. The views are magnificent, as if they have been copied from the most beautiful postcards in the universe: long sandy beaches with coconut palms against a clear blue sky. Grande-Terre is also an excellent destination for water sports. You can swim, surf, go boating or catamaran there. Another option is that you choose for relaxation and relaxation.

Do you want to get away from the beach? A hike to the Pointe des Châteaux offers you a magnificent view of the most eastern and Atlantic point of Grande Terre.

The other small islands....

Les Saintes, Marie Galante, Désirade and Petite Terre are the other beautiful islands of the archipelago. Each of these islands has its own treasures. The geology is extremely diverse and there is a lot of cultural heritage to admire. The Pain de Sucre, one of the most beautiful bays in the world with its rich lagoons full of fish, turtles and rays is for us an absolute must.

What to eat?


One dish that you must have tried when you want to enjoy the local cuisine is a Colombo. It is a dish composed of a sauce similar to curry sauce, with chicken and rice. You will find it in all traditional restaurants where the recipes are passed down from generation to generation. A classic in Caribbean cuisine.


Another classic on the menu is the Bokit. This is a very tasty and richly filled sandwich. It is stuffed in different ways and accompanied by all kinds of sauces and garnishes. It is the 'streetfood-snack' of Guadeloupe.

Grilled Lobester

Grilled lobster is a culinary specialty of the Caribbean. The 'dog sauce' transforms grilled lobster into lobster typical of Guadeloupe and its surroundings. Good to lick your fingers!

Where to sleep ?

The Club Med La Carvalle hotel is an ideal place to stay for those wishing to explore Guadeloupe for the first time. It is a very pleasant allround hotel for families, couples, relaxed sunbathers and sportsmen.