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The South American nation of Argentina attracts thousands of gay tourists from all corners of the world every year. It has a vibrant gay scene with tons of gay nightlife and gay friendly bars. As it is home to many world-famous names in art, design and culture, it is also a favourite tourist destination for straight travellers. Buenos Aires is...

Bordeaux ... just the name makes some dream and others salivate. For three years, the city has been accumulating coronations; Best European destination in 2015, Europe Leading's City Break, Destination 2016, Best of 2017 by Lonely Planet. And after a weekend there, we can easily understand why!

If you are thinking going to Florida for your next holiday, you cannot miss Miami. I have been there so many times and the atmosphere is just amazing. Latin music, night clubs, bars, restaurants, work out on the beach.....You will just love it!

Canada's largest province is also one of its most beautiful and intriguing. Quebec - famously French, historic and strikingly beautiful. From huge urban cities to rural communities, maritime towns and mountain getaways, Quebec offers a unique cultural experience that is unique in North America.

I first went to India nearly 10 years ago. I have to be honest I had never been really keen on going there after all I read and was told about the country. Then I met my partner who loves India and couldn't believe it when I told him after nearly 10 years at the time in the tourism...

Some times ago (before Covid), I had to go to Dubai for a conference. This was really unexpected becaus Dubai had never been on my Travel Bucket list.

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